Install A Dishwasher

Installing a Dishwasher

For some people the worst part of the day has to be dishes. Whether it's the memories as a child of washing dishes, or something you just hate doing, it can be a boring chore in day to day life. A dishwasher is a wonderful modern appliance that alleviates much of the stress and bore that come with doing the dishes. Whether you currently own a dishwasher or have never had the luxury of one, a newer energy efficient dishwasher definitely belongs in your home.

There are many options that will fit your needs and whether you need a high end super steamer model or a basic no frills "just get my dishes clean" model, there is a model out there for you. Dishwashers save you time and effort in the kitchen, not to mention your hands. With the continued advances in both dishwasher technology as well as the detergents designed specifically for dishwashers, now is perfect time to either purchase a new dishwasher or upgrade an older inefficient energy hog.

How To Install a Dishwasher

Installing a dishwasher is something that most do it yourself enthusiasts can handle. There are a few things to consider when installing a new dishwasher or replacing an old one. Both of these are a fairly simple process that can be accomplished with a few hours of time or less if you pretty good with these kinds of things. The key to making this process painless, literally and figuratively, is to shut off both the water and the electricity.

The water shut off may have to be done outside if you do not have a dedicated shut off valve for your sink's water supply. The electricity should be shut off at the circuit breaker. Now that that's done you need to size up your dishwasher. The most common, and obvious place for the dishwasher is next to the sink, just stick with this for the simplest installation, especially if you plan on doing it yourself.

Dishwasher Supply Line

If this all sounds like a bit much, but you're still ready for a new energy efficient dishwasher, no worries, call a plumber.

Some of the potential hazards to installing a new dishwasher is dealing with the water supply connections. In this photo you can see it broke because the homeowner was trying to replace the supply line to the dishwasher and did not hold the valve still using a wrench. The CPVC twisted and splintered broken.

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